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Address & Phone

123 E. Main St.      
Carson City, MI 48811
Phone: 989-584-3515
FAX: 989-584-6609

Hours: M-F 9 am to 5 pm


City Departments

Administration - Jean Southward
Comptroller - Cindy Schafer
Assistant Comptroller - Debra Le Fever

Deparment of Public Works 989-584-6090
Supervisor - Dan Curtis                      
Nathan Plath
Dave Richards
Wyatt Waldron

Police Department 989-584-6448                   
Chief - Dave Ellis

Patrolman- Christa Anstett 
Patrolman - Nathan Kranick

Patrolman - Saul Hernandez

Patrolman- Anthony Keller
Fire Department 989-584-3515  
Chief -Mark Crawfis                 

Assistant Chief - Matt Neimi

Rental Inspector- Tony Brown
Contact City Hall at 989-584-3515


County Commissioner - Betty Kellenberger
Assessor email