• The City has ordinances about keeping grass mowed as well as not letting debris and waste to collect in yards.  We are working on enforcing these ordinances in an effort to keep our City clean and tidy.  Please feel free to call City Hall if you are having issues with a property in your neighborhood. 

  •  There is a new addition to the West Park.  The Carson Foundation has donated a Pergola and picnic table near the bridge.  A bench was built to wrap around a tree in Haradine Park.  This bench was done with money donated to the City from the Carson City Garden Club.  It's a nice addition to the park so if you are walking the trail you can stop and enjoy the sound of the water as it flows past.


  • Montcalm County will be testing the tornado sirens countywide.  This will include the siren at Carson City City Hall.  The tests will occur the first Friday of each month at 11:00 am from May through October.  The normal siren will continue to be heard each day at 12:00 p.m. noon.


  •  Unlicensed vehicles are not allowed to be kept on properties within the CityWe are enforcing this to ensure properties are maintained in a proper manner.
  •  Did you know that you need a permit to put up a fence?  We want you to be able to fence in your yard but it is important that you know what kind of fence you can have and how tall it can be.  Please feel free to contact the City Administrator for more information.  You also need to have a zoning permit any time you are adding on to your home, building a deck or a garage.  Temporary storage units are not allowed in the City.  This includes those units made out of canvas.