Saturday, August 01, 2015
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  • Remember the City has ordinances about keeping grass mowed as well as not letting debris and waste collect in yards.  We are working on enforcing these ordinances in an effort to keep our City clean and tidy.  Please feel free to call City Hall if you are having issues with a property in your neighborhood. 

  •  City has ordered two new benches for downtown.  We are hoping to add more over time. These benches have no back so you can sit facing either direction. 

  • The City of Carson City has just completed a water rate study. Using the information gathered, the City Council has approved a rate increase of 5.5% or 13 cents per thousand gallons effective July 1, 2015.  A family of four will see an approximate increase of $1.30 per quarter or $.43 per month.  This increase will continue to allow the city to repay its debt, maintain infrastructure requirements and allow the city to plan for infrastructure improvements.  There are no planned sewer rate increases at this time. Even with the rate increase the City's cost of this service will remain among the lowest in the area.  


  • New Banners are going up across town!  A sure sign that spring has arrived!!  Just in time for Frontiers Day June 4th through 7th!