City of Carson City



Haradine Park

Haradine Park came into the city through a donation from the Haradine Family in 1969. It consists of approximately 8 acres. You may bring your own skateboard or rollerblades and skate at the new skateboard park that was built by a donation from Renaissance Power. There is a playground for kids with swings, slides, and spring-riding animals.

A pond is available for fishing. It has a pier built by an Explorer Scout for his community project.

There are two picnic shelters for large family gatherings. One may be reserved for a $35.00 fee for residents and $50 for non-residents. Please see the reservation form on this page or call City Hall at 989-584-3515 to reserve. There are several single picnic tables that are available for small groups. For those that are just looking for a little relaxation time, sit at one of the benches and watch the waters of Fish Creek flow by.

Haradine Park is connected to West Park by a covered bridge which allows easy access to all the features of West Park, Haradine Park is also connected to Grove Park via a 2000-foot walking trail through a scenic marsh area.

To make a reservation at the park click here for the form or call City Hall at (989) 584-3515.

Grove Park

Grove Park is located four 4 blocks north of M-57 on Williams Street. The parking area is one block west of Williams Street on Linden Street. Grove Park consists of approximately 22 acres. You may bring your own basketball to shoot “hoops” or bring your own horseshoes to hear the sound of the “ringer”, “leaners” are also encouraged.

There is a playground for kids (built with a donation from Renaissance Power) along with swings and a slide (donated to the city by the school from the former St. Mary’s playground).

The future engineer in your family may play on the train that was built and donated to the city by the Carson City Regional Correctional Facility. There is a picnic shelter that may be reserved for $35.00 for residents and $50 for non-residents by using the form on this page or contacting City Hall at 989-584-3515. You may also enjoy one of the single picnic tables for that quick lunch break.

There is also a sledding hill for wintertime enjoyment, so bring your own sled and try a long-distance glide over the fluffy white snow. A 1700-foot walking trail that circles the park is connected to Haradine and West Park by a scenic walkway through a marching area. Ducks and Geese are usually visible from the connector trail.

To make a reservation at the park click here for the form or call City Hall at (989) 584-3515.

West Park

West Park was converted to a City Park with the help of a Michigan Department of Natural Resources Grant in 1996. It consists of approximately 48 acres.

You may bring your own volleyball and “spike” or “dig” in the sand volleyball area.

There is a Leathers wooden play structure that was built by community volunteers for kids to play on. At the entrance to the playground is a picnic pavilion over three picnic tables; bring a lunch, and enjoy the shade as you read a chapter or two in that favorite book while the kids play.

You may bring a friend and your own basketball for that game of “horse” that you have been thinking about.

The fitness folks will enjoy a walk on either the 1/2 mile or 1/4 mile paved trail; enjoy the sights as you take several laps.

That quick lunch can be enjoyed at picnic tables placed alongside Fish Creek, a designated trout stream. There are also several picnic tables in a nice shaded area along Butternut Creek.

West Park is connected to Haradine and Grove Parks by a bridge over Fish Creek which puts you on the connector trail to the other parks.