City of Carson City



A resident of the City of Carson City would vote at the City Hall for a General, a School, and a Presidential Election.

Garbage pick-up is provided by Granger. Contact (888) 947-2643.

Yes. the Picnic Pavilion at Haradine Park and the Picnic Pavilion at Grove Park may be reserved for $35.00 for City residents and $50.00 for non-residents.


Contact City Hall for further information at (989) 584-3515.

First, You need to go to City Hall and get a Zoning Permit. After that, you must go to the County Building Office in Stanton to get a Building Permit. At both of these stops, you need a drawing of the proposed addition in relation to your property lines.

Yes. The City will install sidewalks on a cost for materials basis. Contact City Hall for pricing information at (989) 584-3515.

No, there is no parking on City streets from 2:am to 5:am. Special requests may be considered for a short period of time.

Contact City Hall at (989) 584-3515.

Contact Fire Chief Mark Crawfis at City Hall for the requirements at (989) 584-3515.

No, not at this time.

Keith Dykehouse  (989)235-3358

Yes. The fire department needs to know the location of a controlled burn. Contact City Hall at (989) 584-3515.

The county clerk's office in the county you were born.

Marriage licenses can be obtained at the County Clerk's Office in the county you will be married.

The only way to ensure the location of your property lines is to have your property surveyed.